Dogmatters is your partner in pet parenting

Dogmatters Natural Raw Food diet means healthier pets and happier owners

As dog owners we know your dog is part of the family and deserves a natural, balanced and wholesome diet. The Dogmatters Natural Raw Food diet has been developed to support your pets natural diet needs, just as mother nature intended. 

Why Dogmatters believes it is your ideal partner:

Our products are made of natural ingredients with no artificial additives.
Our quality ingredients are fit for human consumption, and can be traced to source.
Our products have been proven to improve the health of pets, making pets and their owners feel good.
Our distributors and agents are knowledgeable and experienced in animal health and well being.
Our people are passionate about helping you share the joy with your pet.

The information we share on our website, packing and marketing material is easy to understand and helpful to pet owners.



  • Alleviates skin conditions
  • Stabilizes weight
  • Increases mobility in arthritic dogs
  • Reduces tarter build-up and improves breath
  • Significantly reduces stool volume and odour
  • An all-round strengthened immune system
  • More environmentally friendly than other dog foods as there is no cooking process







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